Overnight Voyages Covid-19 protocols

25 July 2021

Covid Protocols for overnight voyages on the Williams II

They have been developed in line with government guidance available as of 14 July 2021


  • All crew and passengers will be asked about their vaccine status
  • All crew and passengers will agree to the following statements:

“I agree I will not come to or board the Williams II if I need to self-isolate, for example because I have been asked to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace; are required to isolate after travel; or because I am displaying any COVID-19 symptoms (a high temperature, new and persistent cough, or a loss of/change in sense of taste or smell), even if these symptoms are mild. If I, or anyone I live with, have one or more of these symptoms I will not attend, and will follow the guidance on testing and self-isolation.”

“I agree that if during the voyage I feel unwell I will inform the skipper immediately.”

(the above statements are directly from UK Gov)

During Sail


When weather permits both hatches to the saloon/belowdecks will remain open so that good airflow can be maintained throughout the voyage.


Although there is space for most passengers to have their own cabins, the shared access to the heads and eating spaces means that a bubble is being created. Thus masks are not required anytime on the ship unless the crew or passengers feel more comfortable wearing them. It is not advised to wear a mask during strenuous activity such as hauling the sails.


Crew and passengers are welcome to opt to eat their meals on deck rather than below decks if they would feel safer doing this. Staggered eating times below decks could be arranged for if this was preferred.


Members of the crew will be required to take responsibility for regularly cleaning surfaces in the saloon and cleaning the heads. This will be done on a rota basis decided by the skipper- possibly as part of the normal watch system.


All crew and customers are encouraged to use the NHS covid 19 app when visiting venues.


If a passenger or crew member should feel unwell during the voyage they should make this aware to the skipper immediately. If necessary 30 minute lateral flow tests will be onboard and available for use. In case of a positive result and in accordance with NHS advice- the crew member or passenger will be isolated onboard until they can be sent ashore to seek out a PCR test. They will then need to make their way home to continue to isolate until the results of their PCR test is returned. See government instructions below.

From: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-covid-19/hotels-and-guest-accommodation#eventplanning

If a guest informs you they have tested positive for COVID-19 or they have symptoms of COVID-19:

  • Advise the guest (and any relevant members of their family or party, such as those sharing a room) to:
    • immediately self-isolate where they are if possible (to minimise any further risk of transmission);
    • arrange an NHS test as soon as possible; and
    • return home if they reasonably can.
  • Discuss with the guest whether they are able to return home, or whether it is possible to extend their stay. Make sure to inform them of any costs an extended stay would include (which the guest would usually be expected to cover).
  • If they choose to return home, they should use private transport but only drive themselves if they can do so safely.
  • If a guest cannot reasonably return home (for example if they do not have the means to arrange private transport or they are not well enough to drive themselves home safely) and cannot self-isolate in your accommodation facility, their circumstances should be discussed with an appropriate healthcare professional and, if necessary, the local authority.

Post Sail

Contact information will be kept for several months following the voyage. If a member of crew or a passenger should come down with Covid 19 shortly after the trip then Test and Trace will get in contact with BTS and we will transfer that information to them.